Does Your Brand Align With Your Business?

As business owners, we are pulled in many directions, and sometimes we lose sight of one of the most important aspects about having a company: our presentation.  We forget to look at the bigger picture and see how our clients see the business from the outside.  While balancing all of the internal aspects of running/managing […]

Quiz: Does your brand align with your business?

Does Your Brand Align With Your Business? Welcome to the quiz! Here you’ll answer some questions about your current brand that will help to give you some insight on whether your brand is being the best advocate for your business or if it needs a little bit of work to get you there. There’s no […]

Loya Tires

Client Loya Tires in Nampa, ID Project Custom website design. Back to Portfolio

Elite Wireless

Client Elite Wireless Unlocks & Repair in Nampa, ID Project Custom website and online store. Back to Portfolio

Retro Rents

Client 8-Bit Plus in Nampa, ID. Project Posters advertising a vintage video game rental service. Back to Portfolio

Night Of The Kung Fu Warrior

Client Empty Hand Combat Dojo in Nampa, ID. Project Custom poster and ticket design for their event Night Of The Kung Fu Warriors. Back to Portfolio

RG Flooring Plus

Client RG Flooring Plus in Nampa, ID Project Logo and brand design to represent flooring company. Back to Portfolio

Greeley Cow Buyers

Client Greeley Cow Buyers from Colorado. Project Logo design to represent the company’s message. Back to Portfolio


Client Backdraft mobile bar in Boise, ID Project Logo design for a fire truck that was converted into a mobile bar. The idea was to create a logo using elements from a fire station badge. Back to Portfolio

Tilted Crown Tattoo

Client Tilted Crown Tattoo in Phoenix, AZ Project Logo & brand identity for new tattoo shop. The brand’s goal was to appear mature and knowledgeable in their craft while keeping an elegant but approachable image. Back to Portfolio