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What's the next step for your business?

Having an established and defined brand for your business can help you look professional, show the value of your products and services, and attract the perfect clients.

Custom patterns, paired typography and icons are some of the essential elements to letting your customers know who you are and what your company values are.  At Bloom we can help you develop a brand that will be the right fit for your clients and of course for yourself and your business. 

Let's create a brand you're proud of!

A logo is more than just a pretty mark. It serves as an identifier for what your business vision stands for. It’s a way to communicate to your clients who you are and how they can benefit from your product or service. The way your brand looks can create excitement for future clients to try your products and potentially become long term fans of your business.

Logo Icon

Your logo icon can be anything that will represent your business without any text. It is a mark that can be easily recognizable.


A logotype is the style in which your business name will be written. I can be simple text or a flourished style, depending on the best fit for your business.


Patterns are not essential, but they create a more complete look. They can be used on all your printed materials, website, or even apparel.

Color Palette

A cohesive color palette will help keep all your marketing materials uniform for a recognizable look.

Web Design

Having a website is a crucial part for any business. Your customers need a place where they can easily access all your information and get a taste of what your business is all about!


We'll work together dig into the important aspects of your business. This will help us build a site that shows your best qualities and appeals to your ideal customer.

Made for your your clients

Your business is for you, but most importantly, it's for your clients. The entire design will be carefully thought out with your target audience in mind. Making it accessible for everyone to contact you or make their next purchase.

Add all that you need

From a simple landing page to a fully equipped online store. We'll work together to include all the important elements your business needs.


I'm here for you! We'll be in contact though the entire process, and after it's all set and done, we can set up a yearly or monthly maintenance to maker sure your site always runs smoothly.

Marketing Materials

You have great ideas for specials and promos for your business, why not make them stand out? From flyers to signage, we can make all your printed promotions look professional.

Print almost everything you need.

Do you have a sale or a special coming up? No problem, I work with you to find the best print solution to promote that special sale, event, or special for your business.

Every business has different needs, that's why we work with you to create the best solutions to promote your business

Some ideas for some things we can create are: 

-Flyers and brochures

-Business Cards


-Promotional products

-Posters and custom event tickets

-Social Media content


Do you already have a logo, but want to take your brand to the next level?

I’ve created a free quiz to help see how your brand aligns with your business. It can help highlight where your brand needs the most work, and take a more focused approach to your next design steps.

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