Most businesses don't have a solid identity. That's where Bloom steps in to help! My mission is to provide creative design elements to build a brand that will not only show the best features of your products or services, but also be appealing to your ideal clients, creating more recognition and generating new clientele.

Hello There!

Hello! I am Lisbeth Rubio, and sometimes I go by Lizzie 🙂 , Graphic Designer and founder of Bloom Graphic Design. My goal is to help you create not only a pretty mark for your business, but something that will reflect your personality and build you with confidence and pride for your brand.

If you are thinking of making  your brand look even better than it does now, please let me know! I am already excited to get started and help create a brand you are proud of!

I specialize in helping small business owners in Idaho where I have been blessed with great opportunities to work with amazing people and help them shape their brand into something they love but also represents their style and voice.



Phone: 208.810.8356
MON-FRI 9am - 6pm
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