Does Your Brand Align With Your Business?

As business owners, we are pulled in many directions, and sometimes we lose sight of one of the most important aspects about having a company: our presentation.  We forget to look at the bigger picture and see how our clients see the business from the outside. 

While balancing all of the internal aspects of running/managing a business, it becomes easy to neglect what and how we project our brand and message into the public/market, leading to unappealing first impressions and diminished reach. This can often  cause symptoms such as our social media becoming a jumble of poorly planned ads, website links becoming outdated and broken, and even complete lack of interaction with and from potential clients. Believe me, I’ve been there, even me as a graphic designer! 

That’s why it is so important to take a closer look at the value your business offers and do all you can to communicate that to your potential clients.

Your brand is your business advocate.

Has a product ever appealed to you and satisfied you so much that you eagerly tell your friends about it? When a product has that effect on us, we are more likely to develop an attachment to it and its brand, thus becoming loyal advocates for it. That’s the type of work your brand can do for your business! The design decisions we take when creating your logo, color palette, font pairing, video and social media content can demonstrate a voice, a tone, or a style that matches your business.  When those things align, your brand becomes the perfect tool to promote  your business’ mission, history, and persona inviting your clients to become a part of it. 

Your brand invites your client in. Tell your story.

When we pick a product, we are not only choosing it for its efficiency, without knowing it, we are making decisions based on emotion. We love to pick our favorite products, write reviews, and let people know on social media we use or enjoy certain brands. We become superfans of that brand’s story, mission, and overall persona. In today’s saturated market, your story is what will set your business apart from its competitors. When your brand aligns with your business, it becomes easier to tell your story and explain what you have to offer, creating a more cohesive and inviting message for clients to engage with. By sharing your story, your message, the values that your product/ service stands for, you let clients get to know you a little better, and that invites them into trying your services. By telling your story you create a super brand advocate that can invite people to become your super fans! 


How do you feel about your current logo and design elements? Do you feel like they are telling your story? Do you feel proud of your brand?

Lots of questions, I know! But taking a step back to look in from the outside can help you reveal where there’s room for improvement, in turn allowing you to strengthen those points.  Building a brand that truly tells our story takes time and effort, but it starts with the initial logo design and branding elements.


I invite you to take this free quiz to get a little overview of how your brand is working for your business. Maybe you’ll find that you have the correct foundation, or maybe it will pinpoint where to work  on next. Have fun with it!

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