5 Things To Consider Before Starting Your Logo Design

Starting a business can be daunting and we usually find ourselves doing a million things at once to get it going, and having a fantastic logo and brand design is usually the last thing in our mind.  We say, hey I’ll just have my cousin put something together on his computer and that’ll do! However, even though you might have super computer savvy and creative family members helping out, your brand design can end up being something that looks great but that doesn’t portray the message you want your clients to see when purchasing your products or seeing your brand for the first time. There’s a lot to think about when designing your brand, but here are 5 things that can help you start the foundation of an amazing logo design:

1. Target Audience

Your business depends on your clients, and knowing who your target audience is can help your brand and your business be more intentional. Think about the type of product or service you are offering. Who tends to be more interested? What age group? Gender? Is your business focused only in your state, nationally, or globally? When we know exactly who we want to attract with our business we can be more intentional on the logo and brand design to make it appeal more to that perfect client you have in mind.

2. Purpose

Every business has a purpose, and if you haven’t thought about yours yet, do not worry, it’s never too late to start considering it. Think about what problems your product or service is solving, and how your business can add value to your customers.  Examine what your business means to you and try to translate that into something your clients can find benefit in. When you know exactly what your business is all about and the value that it offers you can use that in your brand and logo design to send a clearer message to your clients, and to make your brand more recognizable against your competitors.

3. Color

Color and branding go hand in hand.  Think about your favorite brands, they usually have a main color that make them very recognizable.  Some are just one color, some are only black and white but we can make sure that color and logo design always go together. When choosing a color for brands and logo design we usually tend to go with the colors we like. However, what we like might not be the right choice for the target audience. Each color has a certain meaning or connotation behind it. For example the color red is a very loud and dynamic color and it’s usually used to entice action. Red is very common on businesses that are fast paced and energetic – think about most fast food restaurants, they usually have red in their branding. In contrast colors like blue and green tend to show tranquility and trust and are usually used on branding for banks and hospitals.  So there’s more to color than you might have considered, so take some time and think about your target audience and your business purpose before choosing that perfect color for your brand design.

4. Usage

Something very important to note before designing your logo is to know how and where it will be used.  Will it be for web use only, or will it be printed in different media like t-shirts or billboards?  Will your logo be used on product packages? When you and your designer know exactly where your logo will be used, it is easier to consider things such as size and layout to create a logo that will fit your business needs.

5. Trends

Design trends are fun and fresh but not exactly the best thing for your logo.  Most trends are forgotten after a period of time, some last more than others and most of them do come back. However, a logo or branding designed with a trend in mind can look outdated after some time, forcing your business to change branding, a process that can cause confusion on the recognition of your business.  Logos that don’t necessarily follow trends and that have a timeless design are the ones that look more professional and can be used for the life of your business. Take a look at your current logo or the logo idea you have in mind and see if it’s following any trends in typography, layout, or style. If you find some trends in your design, it might be something to consider changing before you send it to the printers or upload it on your website.

And there you have it! Five very important things to really think about before creating your logo and brand design.  Remember, your branding should be something you are proud to show others, it should clearly portray your business mission and at the same time appeal to your target audience.  Have fun in the process of creating your logo, and make sure it is something you absolutely love and will use for many, many years.

Kindness from clients

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